So you’ve had a business idea.  You’ve invented something, or you’ve improved something – or you believe there’s room in an existing market for another brand – yours!  You’ve come up with a recipe, a killer brand name, a brilliant pack design.  You have a sales and marketing plan, and the ability to carry them out. You’ve got some capital to get you started… things are looking good!

But what you don’t have is a way to manufacture your product.  And you certainly don’t have the money to build a production line or factory to try out your idea.  Does that mean you have to walk away?…

Not at all!  The answer to your prayers is finding a contract packer, a company which has the production equipment, factory and staff to manufacture and package products for their clients.  They will work with you to manufacture your product in such a way that it will look to your customer as though the product was manufactured by you.  They may pack only for other companies, or they may have their own brands and contract pack also.

Contract Packer

How Contract Packers Help You

A contract packer is more than just a factory with production equipment. Here are some of the other benefits a contract packer can offer you:

  • They are also knowledgeable about the manufacturing process. So where you may have encountered a manufacturing problem which could severely slow your time to market, they’ve been through the learning curve for you, and will just make it happen.
  • The money you save by not having to provide your own production capability means you have increased profits and cash flow and a stronger balance sheet.
  • Not having to focus on making your product means you have more time to focus on sales, developing new products, your finances, your team – and many other operational issues.
  • They give you access to the state-of-the-art technologies; not only in manufacturing, but also in areas such as packaging and product development.
  • And – very importantly – because they have existing economies of scale, they’re going to be able to make your product at a lower cost per unit than you can – again, increasing your profits.

So What Now?

Search the Internet for a list of possible contract packers, and start phoning. Don’t be afraid to make as many calls as are necessary – time and effort put in now will save you in the long run.  It’ll help you to find a company which already manufactures products in the same industry you’re contemplating (e.g. if your product contains yoghurt or cheese, look for dairy contract packers.)

If you want help finding a contract packer, feel free to contact us at Acufill.  We supply processing and packaging equipment to many contract packers – and can connect you.  Or if you’re a contract packer, contact us too.  We get many entrepreneurs asking if we know someone who can help them – and we’d love to put you in touch!