Manufacturing Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
A world-class range of processing and manufacturing equipment.
Packaging Equipment
Packaging Equipment
A wide range of packaging equipment suited for various industries.
Capsule & Tableting Equipment
Capsule & Tableting Equipment
Equipment for Powder Preparation, Capsule Filling, Tablet Making, De-Dusting, Polishing and Counting.
Pumps for Liquids
Pumps for Liquids
We offer pumping solutions for low to high viscosity products.
Offering support after you invest in your manufacturing equipment.

About Acufill

Acufill operates as agents, importers and distributors of Processing and Packaging equipment, serving customers in many industries in South Africa and neighbouring countries. We are based in Johannesburg, and service the rest of South Africa from our offices in Craighall Park. Our range of products has been refined over time and can be seen by clicking here.

Agents, importers and distributors of Processing and Packaging equipment.

We are specialist suppliers of processing and packaging equipment

Supplying a wide range of processing and packaging equipment, for both liquids and powders, to various industries including Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Household Products, Veterinary Products, Chemical and Agri-Chemical.

We will work with you to identify the equipment opportunity to help you improve production.

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