Whether kerosene or turpentine, petroleum or propanol, AdBlue® or other additives: petrochemical products are not only expensive to process, they also place special demands on the filling, decanting, or metering process. At FLUX, we know exactly how the valuable energy sources can be metered and filled in a resource-saving, flexible and, above all, economical way.

Give-aways are expensive, underfilling too! Whoever wants to rigorously avoid giving away media will find a competent partner in FLUX, who can ensure lasting top performance thanks to the highest level of precision.

Application Examples:

Some possible applications include:

  • Pumping of additives in the petroleum industry
  • Refuelling of trucks with diesel
  • Filling of precise quantities of various petroleum products and fuels
  • Filling of various oils

With pump configurations ranging from basic transfer to advanced semi-automatic and metering systems, Flux has it all. Contact Us via our website, alternatively send us an email on info@acufill.co.za