Most manufacturers, at some stage, have a need to pump a fluid (viscous or otherwise) from a lidded drum.  The problem?  If you’re pumping an ingredient or finished product, leaving fluid in the drum will cost you.  And if you’re pumping a hazardous chemical, material left in the drum may later leak, causing real harm to the environment.  In either case, you’ll want to empty the drum as much as possible.

Fortunately, there are pumps designed specifically to empty lidded drums, even when those drums hold highly-viscous materials.  FLUX pumps are designed and manufactured in Germany and are a world-leader – the FLUX name has been synonymous with pump technology for over 60 years.

Viscoflux Pumps

The VISCOFLUX Pump Range

The VISCOFLUX drum emptying systems have been specially developed for emptying lidded drums with high-viscosity contents. The medium is continuously – and particularly carefully – extracted with FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps. All systems achieve an almost complete emptying of the drum with less than a 1 % residual amount (under 2 % for drums with inliners).

Capabilities common across the range are:

  • Delivery rate: max. 50 l/min
  • Delivery pressure: max. 8 bar
  • Viscosities: up to max. 500.000 mPas
  • Virtually complete and gentle emptying from standard drums with lids


A specialised pump for highly-viscous materials

The unique VISCOFLUX drum-emptying system is used in various industries for fast, cost-effective conveying of highly-viscous, pasty, and non-free-flowing media.

Benefits include high flexibility due to mobility of the system, fast and easy cleaning and an extensive range of accessories (e.g. flow meters, valves, etc.) which enable you to extend the system.

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For transferring higher-viscosity materials that are just capable of flowing

The drum emptying system VISCOFLUX lite is used to transfer higher-viscosity media which are just capable of flowing out of ISO drums with a lid.

Benefits include process reliability due to hermetic sealing of the medium, even if the transfer process is interrupted, and high flexibility due to the low installation height.

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For transferring higher-viscosity materials that are just capable of flowing – in the Ex Area

In the Ex version, the VISCOFLUX lite is suitable for use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and for transferring a wide variety of flammable media (zone 0/1).

Benefits include (aside from the obvious ability to be used in the Ex area) fast cleaning due to quick dismantling, and continuous and gentle transport, with no structural change of the medium.

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The stand-alone solution for transferring high-viscosity fluids

VISCOFLUX mobile is a portable, and therefore very flexible, variant of the tried-and-tested VISCOFLUX drum emptying system. VISCOFLUX mobile is ideal for the gentle conveyance of high-viscosity, paste-like and non-free-flowing materials, even from conical drums with aseptic bags. Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Cosmetics versions are available – for various drum diameters.

Benefits include a low space requirement (it can be transported even in lifts) and easy handling, with decoupling via a friction clutch and electronics.

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Consider VISCOFLUX For Your Drum-Emptying Needs

The VISCOFLUX range of pumps have a variety of specifications (too many to list here) and can be adapted to suit your exact requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your needs – we’d be happy to help you!