If you are working with high-viscosity liquids and need to decant them into drums, you are probably wondering what the safest way of doing so would be. After all, often these types of liquids can be harmful to people, animals and the environment. Here’s the best way to decant drums to ensure the safety of everyone around you.

Choose the right equipment
Decanting liquids into drums requires the use of specific equipment. These include barrel pumps and flow meters. The pumps are designed to withstand the harsh chemicals found in high-viscosity liquids and are built to last.

Pumps like the Flux line of barrel pumps can be used on corrosive and even highly-flammable liquids like petroleum. The process involves transferring, circulating, mixing, dosing and emptying. Remember to make sure the equipment you purchase is designed for the liquid you will be using.

Always use the best quality equipment you can afford
With liquids that can cause massive amounts of damage if not handled correctly, it is definitely not a good idea to purchase cheap equipment. There’s a danger, in purchasing cheap pumps, that you’ll buy from a manufacturer which has simply copied the reliable and sought-after brands, but has used inferior parts to keep the cost down.

This of course means the pump doesn’t come with the same safety standards and innovation that some of the best brands have invested in. When a piece of equipment seems strangely cheap, there is a reason for that. Make the investment for the sake of your manufacturing efficiency safety and go for a machine which will not only be safer, but will last longer and require less maintenance.

When it comes to decanting high-viscosity liquids, it is always safety first. Acufill deals only with the best brands of drum decanting pumps, flow meters and more. Get in touch with us for equipment such as machines that make stand-up packages, confectionery machines and much more. Contact us today.