• Heat sensitive materials.
  • Easily-softened materials.
  • Fibrous & tough materials.
  • Fineness: 400~2500Mesh. (data is for reference only & may vary according to raw material)

Features and Benefits

ICM has new concept hammers which generate powerful grinding effect and get better efficiency and fineness than other grinder.

ICM meets the wider specific needs for product size both in finer and coarser range.

Different hammers for different specific requirement.

The speed of integrated air classifying rotor can be changed for. Flexible control of product fineness and get stable quality products.

Easier Machine Maintenance and cleaning, and all driving parts are protected by totally enclosed common base for safety.

Food and spice,(such as tee, red pepper)which are easy to deteriorate,can also be ground by ICM without losing flavor.

The most suitable solution for the grinding of plastic which is easy to soften by heat.ICM can be operated with minimum heat increase during the grinding task.

Stable operation can be achieved for the grinding of fibrous material as alginic acid, cellulose etc.

This ICM(Screen-less)pulverizer functions on the concept of impact grinding force from its high speed rotor to generate strong percussion with fixed liner to produce ultra fine particle size.With speed variable classifier,the particle size is freely controlled by the user and the coarse powder is continuously being ground until it meets the required parameters.In addition to its working principle, the ICM pulverizer also is available with Cyclone Separator(Rotary Valve)and Dust Collector.Finally, to keep the neat also is ventilation and constant production,the mill chamber is surrendered with cooling water jacket to maintain the inner temperate at the certain degree to keep the mateial original fragrance and color.

Inside Classifier Inside Grinding Chamber Quantitative Feeding


Model Main Motor (HP) Main Mill (RPM) Feeder Motor (HP) Exhaust Air Volume (M/Min) Classifier Motor (HP) Classifier Speed (RPM) Dimensions (L*W*H Mm)
ICM-307 7.5 5000~6000 0.5 2.8 1*2P 2800~3350 1458*556*1355
ICM-410 15 4000~5000 0.5 2 2*2P 2800~3350 1645*666*1285
ICM-520 20~30 2800~3800 0.5 10.5 5*2P 2800~3400 1785*825*1625
ICM-640 40~50 2500~3200 1 12 5*2P 2850~3450 2050*1000*1400
ICM-750 75~100 1800~2200 1 15 10*2P 2900~3500 2285*1100*1650

Capacity: According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

Suitable Applications

  • Grains, Beans and Foodstuff
  • Sugar, Seasoning
  • Spices
  • Biotech, Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic, Chemical and Mineral
  • Recycling materials for environmental applications
  • Applied Material