For a range of industrial packaging equipment in Mozambique area and beyond, look no further than Acufill for the best and most cost effective products in the industry.

When it comes to packaging equipment, we pride ourselves on our high standards.

Liquid Filling Machines in Mozambique

We supply a range of semi-automatic to fully automatic liquid filling machines. Our table top piston fillers, or table top gear filler can provide you with production rates of up to 20 units per minute.

Our range of fully automatic liquid fillers can be made in 4, 6 or 8 head configurations inline for speeds up to 80 units per minute. When high speed filling is required we can supply rotary fillers.

All our fillers are made in ISO factories with CE approval stamps. UL and FDA on higher speed lines can be supplier too.

Powder and Granular Packaging Equipment in Mozambique

Our range of Auger fillers and Gravity Fillers in semi-automatic format are perfect for any small or large manufacturer or co-packer working with pre-formed bags and have a requirement over many packaged weight ranges.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines in Mozambique

For all your vertical form fill and seal machinery needs, we supply the a competitive range of equipment, used in the packaging of powders, granules, liquids and even odd-shaped objects like crisps or biltong.

We have a lot of experience in this market segment and with your product specification we are sure to find the correct solution for your business.

Labelling Machines in Mozambique

We supply a wide range of labelling machines for round, odd shape or back-and-front and top labelling applications. Our range varies from semi-automatic machines to fully automatic machines running 300 bottles per minute.

We are also able to supply custom labelling machines for special applications, like Hologram label applicators and stand up pouch semi-auto label applicators.

Tell us what you require and we will advise the correct and most cost effective solution for you.

 Choose Packaging Equipment from Acufill

There are many reasons we would like to you to choose Acufill for your packaging equipment in Mozambique. These include decades of experience, unmatched service and a commitment to providing expert advice and support every step of the way. Let us assist you with your needs – contact us today.