Suitable Applications

  • concentrated paints and varnishes
  • printing inks
  • fillers
  • silicone and thiocole pastes
  • plastisols
  • plastic coatings
  • synthetic lubricating greases
....and many other materials.

Special Designs Available

  1. For mixed products that must be heated or cooled, PerMix has designed jacketed vessels for hot oil, electrical heating, steam heating and liquid cooling.
  2. PerMix has designed moveable and tilt-able mixing vessels, with or without a bottom discharge valve for less viscous liquids and units with a special no dead area valve for connection to peripheral equipment. Arrangements can be made for the transport of the vessel by forklift or by crane.
  3. Where necessary, alterations can be made in the shape of the mixing tools; a third mixing tool may be added; a homogenizer unit (with deflector) can be supplied – and other performance proven mixing elements may be supplied for special duties.
  4. A PerMix DISSOLVER UNIT for fine dispersion, with its own drive unit, available with or without variable speed, has proven itself a good process accelerator for dealing with special dispersions.