Processing regulations are changing in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries – and they have been for quite some time. We have seen regulatory changes with regard to both tabletting and compression machinery in recent times. In fact, in some instances, if these machines are not GMP versions, they are considered non-compliant and you could be faced with some problems with your products.

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, relates to the quality control and assurance during production and processing. It ensures medicinal products are produced and controlled according to the appropriate quality standards for their intended use. This can be done only with the right type of equipment.

Tablet making machines and compression machines are vital components of any pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing plant. If you are running old and outdated machines, consider upgrading your equipment to Cadmach or Adamus brands, which are industry-leading brands and, of course, compliant too.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these brands has to offer in terms of tablet making and compression:

  • Cadmach – in this range of processing equipment, you will find an array of tablet presses available. These machines are ideal for processing high-quality solid dosage medicines.
  • Adamus – this range specifically offers tooling for tablet presses. The brand is synonymous with the design and manufacture of high-quality tools and precision parts for use with tablet presses, capsule machines and blister lines. Prominent items in the Adamus range include punches and dies, measuring machines for punches and polishing machines for punches and dies.

Upgrade your tablet making and tooling machinery with the help of Acufill

If you would like to ensure your processing plant is compliant with GMP compliant tablet making and tooling machinery, the time to upgrade is now. The industry is certainly seeing an obvious movement towards this type of equipment and at Acufill, we have a selection of Cadmach and Adamus machinery and equipment for you to choose from.

For more information and advice on upgrading your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical machinery, contact us via email or telephone at Acufill today.