Cajo MakeBright™ is a revolutionary new way to produce precise and permanent product markings on cardboard more sustainably than ever before. The intelligent and patented laser marking technology of Cajo Technologies enables fast marking without any additives.

The brand new technology is offered to forward-thinking manufacturers of the Packaging Industry who want to significantly improve their production processes and lower their operational costs. Cajo MakeBright™ (patent pending) gives manufacturers the winning edge they have been waiting for in a highly competitive market.

Innovation is required to meet the tough challenge of achieving Nett Zero. At Cajo, we have developed a sustainable solution for coding and marking cardboard boxes. Cajo MakeBrightTM technology plays a key role in reducing

the carbon footprint of the coding and marking process while simultaneously increasing added value for the end user.

  • Reduce line stops and breakdowns thanks to the durable laser system design and zero consumables to change
  • Reduce rejects with reliable and precise marking time and time again
  • Reduce maintenance costs compared to inkjet or labeling machines
  • No chemicals are required for laser whereas unstable global conditions cause issues with the supply of petrochemical goods
  • Labels liable for reduced availability due to industrial action are no longer needed thanks to laser
  • No need to buy consumables for product marking with a laser
  • No funds tied up storing consumables such as ink, glue, ribbons, or labels
  • Contribute to improving line output and create significantly less waste
  • No materials or chemicals required means less carbon generated and more valuable resources saved
  • No additives for cardboard makes recycling easier
  • Laser marking is energy-efficient, so no continuous movement of ink around the system or compressed air is used for label application
  • Reduced plastic waste from ink bottles and cartridges, ribbon backing rolls, and cores

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