This is a super innovation and combines all the advantages of precise mixing homogeneity, highly hygienic design, complete discharge with minimum residue, a wide range of loading volume, robust design with long duty life and many others.

The Permix PAM vertical paddle mixer are efficient and versatile for batch mixing of free-flowing powers, granules and pellets. These mixers are widely used in food, enzyme, cosmetics, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The 7 key advantages of the PAM Vertical Paddle Mixer are:

  1. A High level of accuracy with minor component mixing ratio or 1:1 000 000
  2. Gentle Mixing for sensitive materials without generation of heat
  3. A chopper can be installed for intensive mixing and lump breaking
  4. Low minimum quantity required in the mixer
  5. Low residual product after discharge
  6. Easy to clean
  7. When jacketed mixer is used there is a high heat transfer rate making it ideal for heating or cooling of the powders

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