In the food processing industry, pumps cannot be overlooked. It’s not just packaging machines that are invaluable to this particular industry, stainless steel pumps, in particular, have played an integral role in food processing and production for many years.

For food processing or production plants, the right type of pump must be purchased for specific pumping tasks. There are a number of parameters which will affect choosing the right food processing pump, including the following:

  • Type of medium to be pumped.
  • The speed and pressure at which the medium is to be pumped.
  • Level of solids content present.
  • Flow characteristics.
  • Potential toxicity.
  • Hygiene risks and requirements.
  • Corrosiveness of the medium.

When it comes to food processing, not all products to be pumped are smooth or liquid. Many of them require a certain amount of solids, which presents the following challenges:

  • Solids within the medium must be pumped without bruising or damaging.
  • The pump needs to have the capacity to pump the medium effectively without becoming damaged in the process.
  • Pumping accuracy is of absolute importance.
  • Pumps and packaging machines are essential to the smooth operation of a food processing and production plant.

If you aren’t sure which food processing pump is best suited to the application at hand, it is strongly advised that you chat to a professional in the industry, such as Acufill, to get some advice and guidance.

Some of the mostly commonly used pumps in the food industry include rotary lobe, progressive cavity, peristaltic hose, air-operated double diaphragm, rotary piston and reciprocating positive displacement pumps.

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