As a manufacturer or packaging company, you know that your equipment, parts and consumables are a large part of your expenses. Manufacturing equipment doesn’t come cheap and it’s understandable that people try to cut costs when they start looking at alternative ways to manage their assets.

One thing that we would warn against, however, is purchasing counterfeit products. Not only do you run the risk of buying spares and consumables that aren’t able to perform as they should, but you’re also an enabler to a lot of negative industry practices, which could include the following:

Inferior products

Counterfeit equipment, spares and consumables are usually of inferior quality – and ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ will almost always apply here. You might save a little when buying the goods, but it will cost you plenty when the quality of your product proves to be far worse than you’d like to put your name to! And this can seriously impact your sales…

‘Slave’ labour

Your source or online supplier might have a legitimate ecommerce site and a friendly demeanour, but behind this front is a distributor which could be making use of workers who work long hours in inhumane conditions for less than minimum wage. This is a possible real cost of purchasing consumables and equipment at a very cheap price.

Organised crime

It might not seem or feel like you are engaging in an organised crime ring, but counterfeit products are often part of larger, even more harmful operations such as drug trafficking. Counterfeiting often slots in with other illegitimate business practices, so whether you’re buying a pirated CD or counterfeit consumables for your machine, consider the other business practices that your supplier, or supplier’s supplier, might be involved in.

Putting your staff’s health and safety at risk

Another problem with counterfeit spares and consumables is that you could be putting your staff’s health and safety at risk. When these types of goods are manufactured at a reduced price, you can be sure that quality control measures aren’t the top priority for these manufacturers. As a manufacture yourself, you know the damage that this type of negligence can cause your brand and bottom line.

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