Lab Scale Production

Kevin’s Fluid Bed Systems for R&D and Laboratory applications are ideally suited for process development and evaluation.

The equipment offers all the features of production machines, but at a smaller scale and with fine control of various parameters. The FBS Mini and FBS 005 are the most suitable for Laboratory Scale processes such as Fluid Bed Drying, Granulation and Pellet Coating – these two models offer the opportunity to process materials from 10 grams to 4kg.

Pilot Scale Productoin

With equipment capacities from 10kg to about 30kg, the pilot batch equipment replicates production equipment, with smaller batch processing capabilities.
 Parameters from the Laboratory Scale equipment can be used to scale up production to a pilot scale production level. Automation and cleaning systems are offered on this equipment.

Medium Scale Production

Equipment capacities from 50kg to about 300kg are offered in this range, which boasts robust construction and industrial controls. The equipment is supplied with all necessary features and functions for effective production, as well as operator and batch safety.

To meet the increased need for cleaning, CIP systems are configured and supplied to meet the extensive cleaning and validation requirements. Industrial controls are provided as standard.

Large Scale Production

Fluid Bed Systems with capacities of up to 700kg are offered for high-volume production. With features that offer the highest amount of safety and controls, the equipment is easy to operate and control.

The high-volume production equipment includes many features, and automation for easy and automatic handling of materials, as well as loading and unloading under closed conditions. The equipment provides very high levels of operational stability and ease-of-use for continuous production.