• 4 independent servo motors with electronic control and 50 sets of recipe (bag length, temperature, speed, feeding position, film tension and cutting position) could reduce the initial lose of film and product for high efficiency.
  • User-friendly human / machine interface control with 10.4inch colorful monitor.
  • Self-diagnosis function, error message will show on screen for easy troubleshooting.
  • Two layer of independent rotary disc (dia. 760 mm/60holes) with heating device is hygiene design(for easy clean)
  • Three sets of feeding assistance brush and automatic Vibratory Chute for product feeding flow control, free of empty bag(or low empty bag rate), free of maintenance.
  • Three sets of fin sealing rollers for high speed packaging.
  • Optional different feeding systems (centrifuge rotary disc or stretching/cutting machine) are available for packing nougat, peanut brittle, Toffee…ect
  • Optional auto splicer to increase productivity.
  • Easily exchangeable sorting disc to accommodate other product size


Operating speed 300 - 800 pack/min
Bag length 50 - 75 mm (46 - 65 mm)
Max. film width (max. roll dia.) 200 mm
Product width (max.) 300 mm
Product Size Width:15-33mm, Height:5-22mm
Machine Size L:2640*W1500*H1590mm

Flow Diagram