Technical Data

  • Flow rate: max. 750 l/min1
  • Delivery head: max. 35 mwc1
  • Viscosity: min. 1 mPas - max. 150 mPas1
  • Diameter pump housing: max. 174 mm2
  • Diameter mounting flanges: max. 340 mm2
  • Materials outer tube: Polypropylene, Polyvinylidene fluoride
  • Media / Fluids: Acids, Alkalis, Fuels, Aggressive media
  • Seal: Sealless in the liquid area
  • Container: Tanks > 1000 liters
  • 1 dependent on pump model, motor and medium
  • 2 dependent on pump model

Product attributes

  • Suspended free-flying shaft without any bearings or seals in contact with the liquid. The motor shaft is equal to the pump shaft
  • Smooth running of the pump due to robust support tube solidly connected to the mounting flange
  • Very long service life, even in case of continuous use, suitable for dry running
  • A range of carefully chosen impeller diameters
  • With mounting flange for stationary use
  • Available in four sizes: 115, 135, 185 and 230 for different power ranges
  • Also available in version with support tube or alternatively with support bar


  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Four different sizes for different power ranges

Suitable Applications

  • Electroplating baths with e.g. copper sulphate, chromium, zinc electrolytes
  • Chemically aggressive fluids such as inorganic and organic acidsalkalis, salts