Dried powder is mainly to do the sieving and separation of the machine.


  • The product be screened is conveyed to the centrifugal blades by the screw feed and moves along the screening cylinder without pressure or force.
  • The separating cloth is supported elastically by flanges,so that it can vibrate freely and cleans automatically.
  • The wing won't contact the screen during working and it will break softer materials.
  • In order to separate the fine and coarse powder,It can also gently absorb any impact,and for this reason,is resistant to strange bodies.
  • Good for safety screening and product calibration.


Model Motor (HP) Sieve Size (Mm) Dimension (L*W*H Mm)
CS650 3 Ø185 1893*420*763
CS950 5 Ø254 2216*490*868

Capacity: According to different characteristics of materials and equipment, the data would be changed.

Material Properties

  • Oily
  • Non-Oily


  • 40mesh ~ 120mesh


  • 50kg ~ 300kg