• No PC is needed on the production floor. The system can be monitored and controlled from any network-connected device
  • High quality and precise markings on high-speed production lines
  • Marking content can be changed for each marking
  • Automatic serial number counting, timestamps, etc. are available

Interfaces for integrations and operations

  • The system has an embedded control system onboard, which provides LAN and I/O interfaces requiring no PC for operation
  • Marking content (material, text, barcode, logo, etc.) can be changed and system status monitored by using the interfaces (I/O and LAN)

Available additional options

  • Marking can contain any TrueType or SHX fonts
  • Any vector graphics logo can be added to the marking
  • Multi-row text marking
  • Database integrations
  • Custom PLC, robot or MES communication interfaces

Optional operator user interface (HMI)

  • Touch control provides an easy-to-use user interface for operators
  • The operator can select product material and change marking content (text, barcode, logo, etc.)
  • System status can be monitored from the user interface
  • Multiple lasers can be controlled with one CajoSmart HMI panel