Maximum security

  • no shaft seal, therefore hermetically sealed
  • best chemical resistance through ETFE (better than PVDF)
  • Thermal protection on AC motors prevents damage from motor overload
  • Motor change possible with closed system (from BG4)
  • Self-priming variant MAS for conveying particularly critical media, for example from double-walled tanks from above

Maximum efficiency

  • from BG4 volute housing for best efficiency and particularly low energy consumption
  • additional efficiency through optimized liquid flow on the suction side (from size 4)
  • competent advice for an optimal design of the MAGSON for your application
  • Motors also available with frequency converters for a constantly optimal operating point

Maximum reliability

  • robust construction
  • Coating inner magnet in PP without glass fiber for higher durability
  • special suction-side liquid flow counteracts cavitation (from size 4)
  • Axle mount with rinsing to cool the plain bearing (from size 4)

Minimal life cycle costs

  • low operating costs due to particularly high efficiency
  • maintenance free
  • Plain bearing with plastic coating protects the bearing seat from overheating in the event of insufficient lubrication (from size 4)
  • low repair costs because the axle mount can be replaced in the housing (from size 4)
  • low downtimes and minimal effort when replacing the motor thanks to the back-pullout design (from size 4)
  • Less effort for stocking spare parts thanks to the modular system

Maximum flexibility

  • ETFE available as a universal material for acids and alkalis
  • Loose flanges and thread adapters for flexible connection options (both standard from BG4)
  • IEC standard motors for quick availability worldwide
  • Three-phase motors with PTC thermistor for frequency converter operation as standard
  • short delivery times thanks to the modular system

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