FLUX filters are used to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from aggressive and neutral liquids by depth and surface filtration. They are mainly used in electroplating, in etching and cleaning systems, in waste water and water treatment, in the photographic industry and in the textile and food industries.

The advantages

Total splash protection

All SONCO filter chambers are equipped with a complete splash guard
that also reliably covers the areas of the cover screws.
This protects the operator in the event that medium
escapes through the cover screw connection that has not been fully tightened.

Filter lock with hinged lid

The filter cover is closed using foldable screws with particularly handy
toggles. The opened cover remains on the filter chamber and
does not have to be lifted off separately.

Aerodynamically optimized design

The internal fluid flow is optimized for minimal pressure losses. The flow to the filter elements is as homogeneous as possible in order to load the filter elements evenly

Pressure gauge and drain cock as standard

All filter chambers from size 3 are equipped with a pressure gauge and drain cock as standard (optional for size 1).

All-plastic version made of PP / PVDF

Metal-free design in the area in contact with the product ensures the best possible chemical resistance. Solid welded construction made of semi-finished products without glass fiber content.

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