ProKing manufactures a range of CE-approved magnetic Induction Sealing Machines, which seal caps in a non-contact operation.

The bottles to be sealed are fed through a conveyor. When the bottles reach the electro-magnetic field, they are magnetised through an electro-magnetic induction heating effect. The aluminium foil is quickly heated to the desired temperature. The content of the bottles is not affected by the electro-magnetic field, but the heat seal film with aluminium foil attached on the cap (such as an FDA-approved inner seal) is.

When the aluminium foil is heated by the coil of the induction cap sealing machine, the heat is transferred to the heat seal film, which quickly reaches the melting point, and becomes an adhesive to bond the cap foil and bottle.The result is that the contents in the bottle are well protected by the cap foil.

Induction sealing is excellent for industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverages, Fuel, etc. This cap sealing effect not only effectively protects the products, but also prevents the products from spraying due to dropping or flowing out due to squeezing. This also provides an easy way for end users to ensure that a product has not been tampered with. Additionally, the magnetic induction cap sealing machine reduces production and management costs.

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