The PerMix series of Vacuum Mixers & Mixers/ Dryers are turbulent mixing reactor-dryers. It is used as a high-speed mixer dryer, chemical reactor or, if both processes are combined, as a dryer-reactor.

These are used with particular success in agglomeration-free rapid drying, heterogeneous reactions with systems of different substances, extraction, sterilization and in general vacuum, positive-pressure, thermal energy and comminuting aids.

Permix PTP-D series Vacuum Mixer Dryers are widely used in the chemical, metallurgic and pharmaceutical industries amongst others. Standard sizes range from 3 Litres up to 20 000 liters and pressure up to 50bar.


  • Cost Savings – The PTP-D series combines several machines: so less pipe-work, fewer controls and smaller space requirements
  • Short reaction times
  • Optimum heat transfer via larger contact areas
  • Turbulent mixing by mechanical fluidization of reaction material
  • No dead areas in the reactor and the discharge areas
  • Equipment can be supplied with removable mixing tools
  • Easy to Clean and steralize
  • Material of construction choices range from Stainless steels, Titanium, Nickel Alloys and Hastelloy.

We can also offer you great options on this equipment for cleaning access, ATEX construction, sampling ports and many more.

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