As the world looks for natural remedies, scientists focus on unlocking foods natural power, even in the chemical, paint, & pigment industry, so we categorize these together.

PerMix has the solution for your needs, no matter how large or small, natural, organic, or synthetic. Below are some areas where PerMix can offer solutions to fit your needs.

Chemical Manufacturing & Production

Whether you are manufacturing cleaners & disinfectants for the masses, scents, aroma therapies, & deodorizers to relax, or paints, pigments, & inks to fuel ones creativity, we have the mixing solution that you need for every category, whether powder, pastes, or liquid.

Pre-conditioning mixers such as conical mixers or drum / barrel hoop mixers are excellent choices. With mixers such as paddle, plow or fluidized zone mixers giving very versatile solutions to the manufacturing unit.

Powder Induction & Mixing

The ability to mix, blend, homogenize, emulsify, and induce powders into liquids is demanding. Whether you are simply mixing in colors, perfumes , or adding complex chemicals / powders into liquids, PerMix offers solutions to your needs.

Whether it is a continuous flow or batch type production, we have an answer to your needs.

At Acufill we supply and service Permix Mixers in South and Southern Africa. To discuss your mixing and blending requirement please Contact Us via our website, alternatively send us an email on