No matter how acidic or basic, MAGSON pumps are perfectly suited to transfer highly aggressive fluids.

Conventional centrifugal pumps are equipped with mechanical shaft which are subject to wear and possible failure. When transferring highly corrosive liquids or fluids containing solids, the me- chanical seal may require additional support systems to run safely which then also need to be maintained. The need to replace worn mechanical seals reduces the availability of the pump for operation. Magnetically coupled pumps, however, do not use a mechanical seal providing the benefit of being hermetically sealed and maintenance-free. The pump motor turns the outer drive magnet which then turns the inner magnet and impeller. There is no need for a continuous shaft or a mechanical seal prone to wear. Instead, a rear casing completely seals the pumping area from the drive motor. As a result, leakage is impossible and the pump does not require maintenance.

MAGSON sets the standard of safety

MAGSON magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps go even one step further: Their rugged design and a series of smart details further enhance their resistance to highly concentrated acids and bases, ensuring safe operation in critical applications.

The advantage of seal-less, magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps: hermetically sealed and maintenance-free

The externally rotating drive magnet transmits the motor power contactless to the inner magnet and thus to the impeller (see diagram below). This means that there is no need for a continuous shaft and consequently no wearing shaft seal towards the motor. Pump chamber and drive are hermetically separated from each other by a can.

Leaks are excluded, the pumps are maintenance-free.

The advantages of the PP/ETFE Mag Drive Pump:

  1. Maximum Safety
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Maximum Reliability
  4. Minimal Life Cycle Costs
  5. Maximum Flexibility

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