Are you looking for processing equipment in the Western Cape and Cape Town? Acufill Processing and Packaging Equipment (Pty) Ltd has been offering equipment for processing confectionary, powders and liquids since our inception. We work with the most reputable supplier brands in the industry and insist on high quality in everything we do. We are committed to working with suppliers who adhere to ISO, GMP and CE standards.

Manufacturing and Mixing Tanks Available in the Western Cape and Cape Town

Choosing the right mixing tanks and technology is extremely important, as the mixing process not only has an impact on the processing, but also on the batch cycle times and the total cost of ownership.

We custom build manufacturing and storage tanks to your requirements so that we may ensure the manufacturing of your product in the Western Cape and Cape Town is of the highest standard. When we build our tanks we are thinking about the quality product you need to deliver to your customers.

Our manufacturing tank range suits all kinds of products and industries. We are able to produce tanks from industrial grade to pharmaceutical grade quality and certifications.

Our manufacturing tanks and mixers includes specifications such as:

  • Flame Proof Protection
  • Bottom Entry Homoginiser
  • Jacketed with water, oil or steam
  • Bottom Entry propellor
  • Agitators and stirrers
  • Storage Tanks
  • CIP / SIP

Barrel and Drum Hoop Mixers in the Western Cape and Cape Town

Acufill manufactures a drum hoop mixer that is easy to use, compact and flexible. It is also extremely versatile, blending and mixing granules, powders and liquids. Its many advantages include easy cleaning, no need for lifting equipment, reduced need for manual labour and reduces the need for storage of finished mixes.

We manufacturing this item in South Africa.

Colloid Mills in the Western Cape and Cape Town

Our Probst & Class developed and produced rotor/stator systems for the wet micro-comminution, homogenizing, dispersing and de-aeration of flowable and pump-able products are second to none. With over 100 years experience in this business, we at Acufill, are very fortunate to be able to supply these colloid mills direct to your market.

The modular system design gives our mill high flexibility. We can adapt to your special requirements quickly and competitively.

Blenders for Powders in the Western Cape and Cape Town

At Acufill we supply various types of blenders to fulfill your blending needs.

We supply 3D Blenders, V-Blenders, Ribbon Blenders and Conical Blenders. Through understanding your industry, your product and batch sizes, we are able to help you identify which type if blender is best suited for your product.

Processing Equipment for Industries in the Western Cape and Cape Town

We service the following industries in the Western Cape and Cape Town area:

  • Food
  • Beverage;
  • Pharmaceuticals and Allied Health;
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care;
  • Household;
  • Chemical

Choose Processing Equipment from Acufill in the Western Cape and Cape Town

If you want only the best service in the industry, choose Acufill and invest in our decades of industry experience. You are not only purchasing equipment, you are also purchasing access to invaluable advice and a team that will support you every step of the way. Get in touch by calling us today.