Looking for best quality and most reliable pumps in KwaZulu-Natal? The Acufill range is one that won’t let you down. At Acufill we make it our business to ensure that our clients are only provided with most reliable, durable and reputable brands on the market! We take the time to ensure that each of our products is of the utmost best quality. As part of our range you will find piston pumps, mag-drive pumps and barrel pumps.

Drum and Barrel Emptying Pumps and Flow Meter Suppliers in KwaZulu-Natal

In KwaZulu-Natal, many industries and applications have a demand for top quality barrel pumps and at Acufill, we present a selection of fine pump units to the market. Barrel pumps are used for transferring, mixing, emptying, circulating and dosing certain products with accuracy. We stock the FLUX range of barrel pumps and flow meters at Acufill and recommend that you also consider the JuniorFlux and CombiFlux products for your plant.

Our drum emptying pumps can work with thin to high viscous products. We also offer pumps in Atex format.

Our pump kits are the perfect solution for decanting from drums or flow bins direct to 5L or 25L containers. Flux Pump Kits are a great semi-automatic filling system.

Magnetic Drive Pumps Available in KwaZulu-Natal

At Acufill we stock and strongly recommend that our clients make use of the Pan World range of magnetic drive pumps. This particular range of magnetic drive pumps and engineering pumps has been a firm favourite for many industries since 1992 – and for good reason. With durability and reliability, the Pan World range has earned the trust and loyalty of many industry professionals. If you are looking for magnetic drive pumps that will be a sound investment for your KZN plant or manufacturing concern, our range at Acufill is ideal.

Pumps for Industries in KwaZulu-Natal

There are many industries operating in KwaZulu-Natal that require reliable and durable pumps. As such, Acufill is actively involved in providing a variety of industries in KZN with a range of pump products. We serve the following industries: Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Household, and Chemical.

Why Choose Your Pumps from Acufill?

Acufill has been serving the KZN market for many years. Our many years in the industry afford us the pleasure of being able to professionally advise and guide our clients. While we present a variety of top quality equipment to the market, we also guarantee an exceptional after sales service and guarantee that our rates will always be competitive. We welcome you to contact us at Acufill to learn more about our range of pumps today.