Acufill Processing and Packaging Equipment (Pty) Ltd has been presenting the market with a top quality capsule filling equipment in Botswana. Our commitment to only working with leading industry brands and place a great deal of emphasis on product quality, means we are able to offer our clients exceptional products, complete peace of mind and competitive rates.

Our turnaround time from order to delivery is our key strength in supplying your needs in the require project time line.

Manual Capsule Filling Equipment Available in Botswana

When you are looking for a reliable manual capsule filling equipment in Botswana then Acufill has the correct equipment for you. In combination, our manual table top capsule filler and our hand held capsule loader will enable your small scale operation to manufacture an estimated 4000 capsules per hour.

Adding the manual capsule hand counter in format of 30 or 60 will further ensure you meet your own customers requirements in a fast and predictable manner.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines in Botswana

When you are looking for a semi-automatic capsule filling machine for your facility / plant in Botswana then you have come to the right place. At Acufill, we supply a semi-automatic capsule filling machines which offers a great deal more than its obvious compact design and versatile functionality. This Semi-automatic capsule filling machine can achieve filling speeds in excess of 15 000 capsule per hour. Add a second ring mould into your workflow and achieve over 25 000 per hour on this machine. Specification of capsule size change parts are readily available to meet your specific requirements. Our unit is easy to operate, easy to clean and comes inclusive of a small external vacuum pump for dust extraction.

Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machines in Botswana

When you need to run high speed capsule filling in a GMP format then we have the right equipment for you. Our fully automatic capsule filling machine models start with capacities of 25 000 capsules per hour and go all the way up to 120 000 capsules per hour. Our fully automatic capsule filling machines are GMP, ISO and CE rated. Options on bigger models include FDA CFR part 21 software.

Capsule Polishing Equipment in Botswana

Acufill supplies both a capsule polisher and a capsule polisher with sorter. Our sorter refers to a pneumatic driven rejection station for underweight, unqualified capsules. When you are looking for simple and effective capsule polishers in Botswana then we have the right equipment for you. Our machines can run in combination with any existing line or can be added to equipment already purchased from Acufill. Both our capsule polisher come standard with small dust extractor.

Table Top Capsule Counting Machines in Botswana

Acufill suppliers two variants of the table top capsule counting machines. Our two channel capsule counting machine can count up to 1200 capsules per minute. Our four channel capsule counting machine can count up to 2400 capsules per min. Our capsule counter does not require change parts to work with your different sizes. For our machines it is just a small adjustment on the machine. With high quality equipment and competitive pricing Acufill is able to supply your capsule counting equipment needs in Botswana.

Why Choose Capsule Equipment from Acufill?

There are many reasons why you should choose Acufill as your supplier of capsule filling equipment in Botswana. First and foremost, we have experience in the industry and when you invest in our range of capsule filling equipment, you will be provided with a reliable service, top quality products, competitive rates and an after sales support service that will spur you on to greater success in your industry. Want to learn more about our range of capsule filling equipment? Contact us at Acufill today.