100L Gel Manufacturing Plant

Dear Customers,

We are in the very fortunate position to have manufactured two hand sanitizer process plants which are now ready to go to packing and shipping.

We are now looking for a suitable customer.

Production plant 1 is a 2000L liquid manufacturing plant for Ethanol based sanitizer and includes:

  • 2000L manufacturing vessel with steam jacket
  • 2000L storage tank
  • diaphragm pump
  • working platform
  • tank weighing system

Production plant 2 is a 100L gel manufacturing plant for hand sanitizer and includes:

  • 100L manufacturing vessel
  • 100L jacketed pre-mix vessel
  • vacuum pump
  • transfer pump
  • interconnecting piping
  • tank weighing system

Full documentation for IQ/OQ compliance can be supplied.

For further details and specifications please contact me on steven@acufill.co.za.