Green manufacturing trends are gaining significant ground in the industry, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only is eco-consciousness a highly marketable cause that’s beneficial to the Earth, it’s also one that (if done correctly) has a positive impact on profitability. Companies like Ikea, Phillips Electronics, Dell, IBM and Nike are just some of the big global names in manufacturing that are turning to Green technology to streamline manufacturing processes, maximise efficiency and bring real returns in terms of growth and profit.

How does going Green benefit manufacturing?

  • Reducing energy use and wastage costs: Electricity and water costs are exceptionally high in the manufacturing industry. Everything from the operation of manufacturing equipment and computer systems to lights needed in factory and office spaces use up considerable energy to run. By reducing energy use without sacrificing essential operational functions, Green technology helps to reduce these high costs in the long term. One great example of this is DuPont saving over $3 billion by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Public relations: Taking an eco-conscious approach to manufacturing has a very significant impact on public and consumer relations. Like-minded consumers will appreciate the move and often change buying habits in order to support these beliefs, as Green products are in high demand. Green manufacturing is a great way to feed your company’s marketing machine in a meaningful way, leading to increased sales and positive public image in the consumer goods industry.
  • Tax incentives and rebates: SA and international governments offer a range of tax incentives and rebates to help reward a switch to friendlier environmental practices. These apply not only to the giants of industry, but to small businesses as well. In South Africa, for example, the manufacturing industry can take advantage of environmental tax breaks like Clean Development Mechanisms and a grant programme for expenditure on Green Technology and Resource and Efficiency Improvement, among others.
  • Morale boost: Implementing environmentally-friendly or sustainable initiatives in a company takes commitment from employees at every level. Working together to achieve these goals fosters a culture of teamwork, responsibility, continuous improvement and pride. It can also help foster innovation by challenging people and departments to develop new ways to improve operational efficiency, recycling and reduce wastage.
  • Social impact: Going Green is, at its focus, about helping the planet – or at least reducing harm. Future generations will ultimately benefit from cleaner air, reduced pollution in the water and ground, fewer landfills and access to renewable energy sources.

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