Machine and mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, and industrial greases are the lubricants that keep the industrial engines running. Engine oils and white spirits also provide the necessary drive in the automotive industry. The diversity of the media being processed is just as broad as the range of viscosities.

FLUX is happy to provide you with personal advice, even on site, and demonstrate which filling concept should ideally be used for which application. At the same time, we will also show you the optimum solution to guarantee safe and reliable operation in potentially explosive atmospheres with explosion protection.

Application Examples:

Some possible applications include:

  • Filling gearboxes with lubricant grease
  • Filling metal working oils and various mineral oils from vertically stacked IBC flow bins
  • Filling Industrial greases
  • Filling Polishes from mixing vessels
  • Filling lime milk from IBC Flow bins
  • Filling of silicone oils
  • Mixing and filling of cooling lubricants
  • Vehicle refuelling with various fuels
  • Metering of transmission oil into various gearboxes

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