Anyone involved in the manufacturing industry will understand the importance of choosing the correct pumps for the process. Whether it is air-operated piston pumps, magnetic drive pumps or barrel pumps and flow meters, the importance of a pump system cannot be underestimated for the smooth running of the industrial process. The name FLUX has become synonymous with barrel pumps, where FLUX continues to be the chief innovator in flow technology. As manufacturers of a wide array of pumps crafted for transferring, emptying, circulating, mixing and dosing, FLUX is a name you can trust.

Get your FLUX barrel pumps and meters with Acufill

At Acufill, as a specialist in processing and packaging equipment in South Africa, we pride ourselves on supplying FLUX barrel pumps and flow meters for all your pump needs. Our offering includes FLUX pump kits, which are equipped for immediate use, where the pump, motor and other accessories are chosen for optimal use value. We also supply JUNIORFLUX and COMBIFLUX, which are small drum pumps appropriate for pumping relatively small volumes from vessels such as canisters or drums of up to 200 litres. Alternatively, we stock Barrel and Container Pumps, which can be used to transfer a wide variety of low-viscosity liquids from barrels and containers. These pumps are perfect for thin, neutral, corrosive or highly-flammable liquids and are used the world over.

As a pump supplier to the South African market, Acufill has the expertise and know-how to meet all your industrial pumping requirements. Whatever your industry, Acufill is here to help you get the job done. If you are looking for superior-quality barrel pumps and flow meters, contact Acufill for more information and rest easy in the knowledge that you are in the best hands.