For decades, well-known pharmaceutical companies have opted for PUC machines in their production facilities and laboratories. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, we are thoroughly conversant with the stringent hygiene and product quality requirements that apply. When our customers need new equipment to boost production capacities or replace existing equipment, there is no alternative to PUC machines.

PUC machines in the pharmaceutical industry

The high quality of PUC machines means that they normally have a service life of several decades. Spare parts and wear parts are also available for very early machines, guaranteeing secure investments and low total cost of ownership.

Key product characteristics of PUC mills at a glance:

  • GMP-compatible design
  • Can be fully emptied
  • Can be fully disinfected (CIP + SIP)
  • Highly precise surfaces and concentricity for homogeneous, extremely fine milling
  • Modular system allows replacement of milling gear to adapt machine to various production processes
  • Explosion proof version available

Key product characteristics of PUC vibroreactors/multimixers at a glance:

  • High degree of homogenization for effective mixing
  • High pump performance thanks to optimized rotor-stator system
  • Long service life
  • Highly precise surfaces and concentricity
  • High-quality products designed to GMP requirements
  • Very easy cleaning
  • Also suitable for high-viscosity products
  • Explosion proof version available
  • Easy to integrate in existing plants

Pharmaceutical industry products processed using PUC machines (selection)

  • Eye ointments
  • Burn ointments
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Healing ointments
  • Suppositories
  • Coating compounds for pills

With 90 years experience supplying colloid mills to the market Probst & Class (PUC) have the knowledge and the ability to deliver high quality equipment for your requirement.

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