Magnetic drive pumps serve a valuable purpose in a variety of industries. Magnetic drive pumps are seal-less pumps with only two moving parts. This minimises the risk of failure and ensures zero emissions – something all environmentally-responsible production and processing plants should value. The fact that leakage is minimised also means you save in terms of fugitive emissions and won’t have to spend money dealing with the escape of hazardous chemicals and liquids.

There are many applications magnetic drive pumps are suitable for, ranging from transfer of liquid to a recirculation pump or cooling pump. There are many material options available too, and this means the unit can pump anything from water with trace chemicals to bleach, hydrochloric acid and even sulphuric acid, to name a few. Magnetic drive pumps are effectively used in applications in the following industries:

  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Production of household products

Which magnetic drive pumps are the best on the market? The Pan World range is one that dominates the market. This range of magnetic drive pumps offer motor voltages which are suitable for world-wide electrical power supply and the pipe connections are also standardised for world-wide application.

The Pan World range of magnetic drive pumps consists of:

Magnetic drive pumps for chemical, pharmaceutical and household applications

At Acufill, we offer a wide range of magnetic drive pumps to choose from. Our catalogue features the Pan World range and we pride ourselves on being able to supply the chemical, pharmaceutical and household products production industries. With a range of general, engineering and high-tech pumps, there is every reason to believe that the Pan World range of magnetic drive pumps is ideal for the industrial application you have at hand.

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