4 signs your packaging machines need replacing

Packaging equipment is a rather large investment for any manufacturing business and packaging equipment manufacturers will certainly tell you it’s important to have preventative maintenance measures in place to ensure your equipment remains in service and efficient for as long as possible. As packaging equipment isn’t cheap, it can be hard to decide when it’s time to replace machines.

Below are a four tell-tale signs your packaging equipment and machinery needs replacing:

  • Reduction in production speed. It is important to keep an ongoing record of how long it takes for your equipment to complete a project or cycle. When you start to notice deterioration in the speed or efficiency of the unit, it’s time for thorough maintenance, an overhaul or replacement.
  • Increase in errors or rejections. If your equipment is not able to complete tasks effectively and up to standard, a loss in quality (and profits) can follow. Keep a close eye on the quality of packaging your equipment produces. A noticeable deterioration in the quality of the end result means your equipment is ready to be replaced.
  • Increased need for maintenance. Sometimes equipment can experience troubleshooting errors, get jammed or simply hit a glitch. In these cases, maintenance and servicing is required. If you notice these occurrences are becoming more frequent, it’s a big sign your equipment needs replacing.
  • Components, parts and spares for your equipment are obsolete. If this is the case, you should probably start looking for replacement equipment as soon as possible. Running into maintenance problems when no parts are available can mean serious downtime for your machine and in turn, a financial loss for the business. Ensure your packaging equipment make and models have not become obsolete.

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